January 2018

A tender for development of a manual is launched among experts in non-formal education

A tender organize in the framework of the project "Learn to Act"

The Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association ("Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V.") in the Republic of Belarus is accepting applications for participation in the tender for the developing of the educational and methodological manual "Networking, advocacy and use of new media in non-formal and сivic education"

This manual is considered to be the basic educational material for the module "Networking, advocacy and use of new media in non-formal and сivic education" of the training course "School of Managers", organized in the framework of the project "Learn to Act".

The key tasks of this module are to increase awareness of specialists of NGOs of the importance of modern media and communication channels, the technologies for building effective interaction with various actors in the field of adult education; to develop skills for make advocacy campaigns to protect the rights of vulnerable citizens for education; to teach how to use  channels and methods of communication in the management of educational services for the effective operation of participants’ initiatives.

The manual should contribute to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the module and include basic information on the topics identified, as well as plan of training sessions with a compendium  of different methods and exercises for it.

For more detailed information, please, refer to the terms of reference.

To participate in the tender it is necessary to fill in the application form by the link.


Contact person: Inna Kravchonok, kravchonok@dvv-international.by, +375 29 1719397