November 2017

Learning and creating: training on creative economy was held in Vitebsk

On November 23-24, 2017 a training "Learning city for creative economy" was held on the premises of Vitebsk State Technological University within the framework of the program of the same name implemented by DVV International Belarus in cooperation with the Association of Lifelong Learning and Enlightenment, Association of Business Education and enlightenment institution "Social interventions".

The event was attended by representatives of local businesses, NGOs, as well as institutions of secondary special and higher education. Hosts of the training were representatives of the partner consortium member organizations: Alena Lugovtsova, project manager of the Association of Business Education, Andrey Levko, executive director the Association of Lifelong Learning and Enlightenment and Denis Butkevich, head of the enlightenment institution "Social Interventions".

During the training, the participants got acquainted with various approaches to understanding of creative economy and the role of education in its development, explored the main components of creative industries and discussed the challenges and competencies that determine entrepreneurial success.

Having acquainted with the foreign experience of starting creative businesses in a TED-lecture format, the participants formulated draft ideas for business projects. Draft regulations on the startup competition were also presented to the audience – it will be the next event within the framework of the program "Learning city for creative economy", which will support 2 initiatives in the pilot cities of Vitebsk and Gomel.

The participants continued working on their ideas in small groups and tried to formulate the goals and objectives of their projects, identify target groups, evaluate necessary resources and describe the stages of project implementation. Hopefully, some of the ideas voiced will be later used as a basis for applications within the competition of startups which will be announced in the nearest future.

The training was organized within the framework of the program "Learning city for creative economy", which is being implemented in 2017-2018 in Vitebsk and Gomel and is aimed at promoting the implementation of regional sustainable development strategies for 2016-2025 through the development of intersectoral cooperation, as well as promotion of ideas of creative economy and the concept of "learning cities" among representatives of local authorities, educational institutions, businesses and civil society.

For more information about the program, please call +375 17 207 98 35, +375 29 171 93 97, +375 29 257 43 97 or write to the e-mail (Natallia Pristrom, manager of the program "Learning city for creative economy ").