January 2018

Submission of applications for the tender of business-projects in the field of creative economy is extended

Representatives of Vitebsk and Gomel (individuals or teams) still have a chance to start a business in the sphere of creative economy – DVV International Belarus extends the submission of applications for the tender of business-projects within the program "Learning city for creative economy"*!

The goal of the tender is to promote entrepreneurship development in the pilot cities of the program, Vitebsk and Gomel, by supporting local business projects in the sphere of creative economy – incl. advertising, architecture, crafts, design, interactive entertainment programs, performing arts, information technologies, mass media etc. 

Eligible applicants should be individuals and groups of individuals performing their professional activities or being members of organizations operating on the territory of the pilot cities of the program – Vitebsk and Gomel.

The total amount of allocated financial resources is 5200 euros (incl. taxes). In total, 4 business projects will be supported (2 in each pilot city – Vitebsk and Gomel).

New dates of the tender:

Stage 1 (until February 25, 2018) includes the submission of applications to the Selection Committee according to the approved form (Annex 1). For the selected participants, a consultation will be organized to prepare a full version of the application for the 2nd stage of the competition.

Stage 2 (until March 30, 2018) includes submission of the full version of applications to the Selection Committee according to the approved form (Annex 2).

Stage 3 (until April 15, 2018) includes the decision of the Selection Committee and announcement of winners.


- carefully read the Tender Regulations available here;

- fill in the application form in accordance with Annex 1 in Russian or Belarusian (the application form can also be requested via e-mail pristrom@dvv-international.by);

- send an application in accordance with Annex 1 in an electronic form to the email pristrom@dvv-international.by with a topic "Tender of business projects" no later than February 25, 2018.

The results of the selection of the 1st stage of the competition will be announced by March 11, 2018 at the latest.

Should you have any questions, please, feel free to contact DVV International Belarus: tel. +375 (017) 207 98 35, (029) 171 93 97, (029) 257 43 97, email - pristrom@dvv-international.by (contact person – Natallia Prystrom). 

More information about creative economy is you can find here, here and here.

* The program "Learning city for creative economy" is implemented by DVV International Belarus in cooperation with the Association of Lifelong Learning and Enlightenment, Association of Business Education and educational institution "Social interventions".