August 2018

Svetlogorsk offers the region new educational opportunities in the field of creative media

In August 2018, Mediakhab “Cherdak” and the organization "Creative Belarus" launched the Media School in Svetlogorsk.

In August 2018, Mediakhab “Cherdak” and the organization "Creative Belarus" launched the Media School in Svetlogorsk.

15 participants from Svetlogorsk and Gomel region aged 17 to 25 will be able to get the skills to work with text, photo and video and create a creative media product. In addition, the organizers of the project will offer an express course on the creation and promotion of media projects, which consists of 4 video lessons. The teachers of the course are experienced experts in the field of media and creative economy, who launched successful creative projects

– and 34travel.memedia company “RANAK” and Creative Belarus.

The results of the work on the creation of their own media project will be presented by graduates of the Media school at Svetlahorsk Media Day in Svetlogorsk on October 12.

Read more about Media School: Follow the news and receive up-to-date information on how to launch and develop your successful creative project on the event pages: Vk and Facebook.

The Media School is implemented within the framework of the project “Accessible Education in the Creative Economy: Media School in Svetlogorsk” (shortly Media School in Svetlogorsk), which was supported by the Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association in the Republic of Belarus and aimed at creating additional educational opportunities for adults in Svetlogorsk and the Gomel Region with a focus on the creative economy.

The project is implemented in partnership with the department of the ideological work, culture and youth affairs of Svetlogorsk district executive committee, “Svetlogorsk State Industrial College”and media company “Ranak”.

The “Media School in Svetlogorsk” project was the next joint step of the above partners after the experience of cooperation within the framework of the EU-Eastern Partnership program “Culture and Creativity” (2015-2018) and its Creative Cities and Regionsinitiative.

Svetlogorsk became one of the cities-participants in the program. Then local and international experts noted the need to develop and support creative communities in Svetlogorsk, to promote the emergence of affordable adult education in the creative sector and the realization of local potential. To get acquainted with the study of the cultural and creative potential of Svetlogorsk, which was prepared in 2016 by the Director of the organization “Creative Belarus" Margarita Lazarenkova, please follow the link:

The media school in Svetlogorsk is a response to expert advice, requests from the city and its residents.

Nikolay Yakhnovets, director of the Svetlogorsk State Industrial College, says: “The availability of media education in Svetlogorsk will help the city reduce negative migration dynamics. Svetlogorsk College is one of the main providers of quality formal secondary specialized education in the Gomel region and beyond. First of all, it is important for the college to train personnel for the city and the region, that is why we are interested in active cooperation with the professional community in the field of accessible non-formal education and experts in the field of creative economy. Such cooperation will make it possible to offer present and future college students from the regions a more integrated and diverse educational package, as well as a unique opportunity for employment on the ground.”

The emergence in Svetlogorsk autonomous and high-tech media company “Ranak” did not make the authors of the project to think for a long time about what knowledge, contacts and possibilities to offer the residents of the region in the field of the creative economy.

Igor Kashlikov, director of the media company “Ranak”: “Creative media in small towns is not only an alternative source of information, but also a phenomenon that contributes to the progress in the social, cultural and economic life of the region, the formation of the image and business reputation of the city, getting rid of the “provincial complex “.

“Mediahub” Cherdak“, located since 2017, thanks to the initiative” Creative Cities and Regions” in the attic of the media campaign “RANAK”, will become the very site where creative media specialists will gather and train. "Hubs" are spaces that combine cultural, educational, exhibition and other activities.

Vadim Vezhnovets, editor-in-chief of the media company Ranak, the instructor of the course "Photo and video skills": "In small towns, due to lack of opportunities for self-realization, creative communities can and should become a source of inspiration and motivation for creative and active young people. And undoubtedly, the center of meetings, communication and action are creative spaces and platforms.”



Agniya Asanovich, PR-specialist of the project “Media School in Svetlogorsk” (Minsk), email:, tel .:+375291193874;

Vadim Vejnovc, PR-manager of the project “Media School in Svetlogorsk” (Svetlogorsk), email:, tel .: +375447020309.


The project “Media School in Svetlogorsk” is supported by The Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association (“Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V.”) in the Republic of Belarus (DVV International in Belarus) within the framework of the Support of Adult Education in Belarus competition with the assistance of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ).