April 2019

Tender for audit of the project

The Representative office of the German Adult Education Association in the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter referred to as DVV International Belarus) announces a tender for audit services to to perform the expenditure verification and to report in connection with a European Union financed grant contract.

Auditing firms are invited to participate in the tender undertaking to perform this task in accordance with the standards and ethical norms of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Criteria for selecting an auditing firm:

- Cost and terms of payment for the auditing services;

- Timing of the audit and submission of the reporting documents: capability to conduct the audit and provide the final documents by May 30, 2019;

- Relevant auditing experience;

- Experience in conducting audit within organizations with similar activities;

- Experience in performing audit of the project implemented within a European Union financed grant contract for an external action;

- Qualification and work experience of the auditing specialists;

- Readiness to apply the Financing Directives of the Federal Republic of Germany during the audit, as well as the international standards.

The necessary audit procedures:

1. General procedures

1.1 Terms and Conditions of the Grant Contract

1.2 Financial Report for the Grant Contract

1.3 Rules for Accounting and Record keeping

1.4 Reconciling the Financial Report to the Beneficiary(ies)’s Accounting System and Records (17 organizations)

1.5 Exchange Rates

1.6 Simplified Cost Options


2. Procedures to verify conformity of expenditure with the budget and analytical review

2.1 Budget of the Grant Contract

2.2 Amendments to the Budget of the Grant Contract


3. Procedures to verify selected expenditure

3.1 Eligibility of Costs

3.2 Eligible Direct Costs

3.3 Contingency Reserve

3.4 Indirect costs

3.5 In kind contributions

3.6 Non-eligible costs

3.7  Revenues of the Action

Based on the results of the audit, the report and its annexes are prepared in Russian and English. The report shall be prepared according to the standard form of.expenditure verification under the grant contract awarded by the European Union.

DVV International Belarus is a non-profit making organization, its activities are in line with the Permit on Action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus No. 8320 dated by August 7, 2018. The office of DVV International Belarus is located in Minsk (Belarus).

To apply for the tender, please, send a commercial offer containing a brief description of the auditing firm, tentative working schedule, the desired payment procedure etc. signed by the authorized person and sealed with a stamp to our e-mail address - kravchonok@dvv-international.by  and printed copy to our postal address - 220116, Pr-t Gazety ‘Pravda’, 11G-12, Minsk, Belarus no later than 12.00 May 10, 2019.

For any questions regarding the given tender, please, contact Inna Kravchonok via the above mentioned email address.