Visit South Korean delegations to Belarus as part of the “learning cities” movement

The Belarusian delegation studied the experience of South Korea in the creation and development of learning cities in October. We had the honor to receive the Korean delegation on a return visit already in November.

In October Belarussian delegation was studing the experience of South Korea on creation and development of learning cities, but in November we were honored to host Korean delegation with reciprocal visit.

34 representatives of learning cities of Korea, including 5 mayors, arrived in Belarus to share their experience and get acquainted with that, what have already been done under the movement of learning cities.

An obligatory stop during the trip was a two-days visit in Vitebsk. This is the first city in Belarus, which entered the Global network of learning cities of UNESCO. Representatives of Korean delegation took part in formal meeting with city’s authorities, rectors of universities and representatives of coordinational council of learning city Vitebsk, as well as got acquainted with rich culture of the city.

The initiative group of Minsk met the representatives of Korean delegation in Minsk city hall. In the context of this meeting, the visitors were introduced to representatives of city administration and representatives of adult education field. An additional point to the program in Minsk was the contact with historical heritage and cultural life of the capital.