Workshops for tutors of the second History Competition II

The Representative office of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International) in Belarus in cooperation with the Youth Public Association "Historika" invites you to become a curator within the framework of the II History Competition "Behind the scenes: from family history to the history of the community"[i] and to take part in one of the 3 training seminars for curators.

The 1st workshop will take place on 15-16 November 2019 in Minsk for curators from Minsk and Gomel regions;

The 2nd workshop will be held on 22-23 November 2019 in Grodno for curators from Brest and Grodno regions;

The 3rd workshop will take place on 13-14 December 2019 in Vitebsk for curators from Vitebsk and Mogilev regions.

When selecting participants for each workshop, applications from participants from other regions (not specified as priority) will be considered in exceptional cases.

The main purpose of the two-day workshops is to prepare curators to provide information, advice and mentoring support to the participants of the II History Competition " Behind the scenes: from family history to the history of the community" (young people aged 15-25 years).

Within the framework of the seminar the participants will get acquainted with:

  • The concept of the competition "Behind the scenes: from family history to community history";
  • Oral history approach (what is oral history and oral-historical interview, how to organize and conduct oral-historical research);
  • the basics of working with photographic documents (the role of photographic documents in the preservation of history, the peculiarities of their analysis and interpretation, the creation of a home archive);
  • types of creative presentation of the contest work.

They are invited to participate:

school teachers, teachers, teachers of educational institutions (including additional education institutions), NGO activists, leaders of youth clubs, educational circles, sections, museums, libraries, etc.
ready to organize the work of students in the framework of the contest and provide information, advice and mentoring support to participants in the course of preparation of the contest work.

Conditions of participation:

Participation in the seminars is free of charge. Organizers provide food and handouts to participants. For non-resident participants - accommodation and compensation of transportation expenses (compensation on the basis of original tickets for public intercity transport).

Selection of curators for participation in the seminars will be held on a competitive basis.

Attention will be paid to the selection process:

  • proportional participation of representatives of different regions and regions of Belarus in the seminar;
  • proportional participation in the seminar of representatives of various organizations (state/non-state educational institutions, public organizations, clubs, museums, libraries, etc.);
  • the curator has a specific участника\ков, ready to take part in the contest;
  • Availability of an interesting and original topic for historical research and preparation of the contest work;
  • high motivation to participate in the seminar and the project as a whole.

To participate in one of the educational seminars it is necessary to fill in the electronic application form by link.

Deadline for submission of applications for participation:

in Minsk till 11.11.2019 (till 12.00); 

in Grodno till 18.11.2019 (till 12.00);

in Vitebsk till 09.12.2019 (till 12.00).

If necessary, additional information about the project and the contest can be obtained by:

  • website:
  • email:
  • telephone numbers (017) 207 98 35, (029) 171 93 97 (Liana, Kobakhidze, Marina Malinina) (029) 852 1318 (Konstantin Antanovich).


[i]  The competition is held on the territory of Belarus within the framework of the project "History competitions in Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine 2.0". More detailed information and regulations on the contest can be found on the website