Market and Needs analysis Training

On 13 – 14 of September a training on the topic Market and Needs analysis was been held at DVV International Moldova Office. The event was organized around the developed Needs and Market Assessment tools – each partner team adjusted the data collection questions and tools to their specific context.

Covered topics:

  •  Overview of main Market and Needs analysis Questions and Indicators
  • Ensure that various sectors and fields of work are being screened (labour market, technological innovation, social changes)
  • Adjusting the Questions and Indicators to DVV partners context 
  • Document Review
  • Questionnaire
  • Focus group
  • Interview
  • Observation/experiment
  • Working plan for data collection
  • Presentation of the Data Collection Plans

The objectives of the training were to:

  • Identify community needs and develop service programs that match to local community needs.
  • Identify existing opportunities for implementation of educational programs (financial, resources, human, etc)
  • Create basis for sustainable partnership with municipality/government and private partners from the community (including identification of opportunities for raising funds).

The final recommendations after the training ere the following:

  • To support the teams in the process of development of the data collection tools
  • To monitor/support the groups in the process of data collection
  • Organize the second module to support the teams
    • Process the collected data
    • Generate the conclusions and recommendations.
    • Develop the Market and Needs Assessment Report

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