March 2016

Promotion of LLL - a priority of the Ministry of Education of Moldova

The Ministry of Education and the Representative office

The Ministry of Education and the Representative office  of the German Association for Adult Education in Moldova – the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Association (DVV International), signed on March 22nd, 2016 a Memorandum of Cooperation for promotion of Adult Education (AE) and lifelong learning (LLL).

The Minister of Education Corina Fusu expressed her gratitude to the German Association of AE for cooperation, noting that: "... lifelong learning has become a priority of the educational system on the global level and it is included in the Educational Code of the Republic of Moldova. The education of adults ensure continued access to information, science and culture in order to adapt to new socio-economic reality which is constantly changing and to develop skills necessary for professional and social activity. "

Adela Scutaru-Gutu, the Director of DVV International Moldova said: "We are encouraged in our approach, by the open attitude showed by the Ministry of Education towards lifelong learning. The main objective of the programme, beyond bringing and adapting some internationally succesful good practices, is to stimulate learning culture. The organization maintains an ongoing dialogue with the ministry and other educational institutions of the Republic. The intention of this collaboration is to create in our country adult education centers, where people of different ages, interests  could gain access to personal development, socio-cultural and professional relevant educational programs."


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