December 2017

Results of the project "Tradition of an educated person"

Alina is a teacher, currently on maternity leave, mother of two girls of 3 and 1 years old. She heard about the training course organized by the Humanitarian Association „Christian Philantropy” and decided to learn the basics in tailoring. She sewed a skirt for herself, being very enthusiastic about her work, then she sewed two dresses for her little girls. During the course Alina started to like a lot this profession and decided to stay at the Association’s tailoring shop to sew different items, for ex. school forms for a high school in the town Orhei. In the future, she wants to work in this area which is quite profitable.


Alina is one of the 44 adult persons who have benefited from the professional training course in tailoring organized within the project implemented by the Humanitarian Association „Christian Philantropy” in the period of March - October 2017 with the support of DVV International Moldova from the financial funds of BMZ.

The 3-month professionalisation course organized for 2 groups was developed in partnership with the Professional School from Orhei and was approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. Due to effective teaching methods and modern technologies used in the study process, the trainees have applied in practice the accumulated knowledge, succeeding in sewing different clothes of their choice: school forms, skirts, dresses, shirts by respecting the learned technologies. In an additional module, the adult students learned modern technologies of processing, cutting, sewing leather and other thick materials, such as fur, using the new equipment purchased from the project funds. At the end of the project, one person was employed at the Association's tailor shop, and 23 people who showed a special interest in the profession were officially enrolled in the vocational school in the town Orhei.

Also, within the project there were organized embroidery and handicrafts sessions which were attended by 131 adults. They have mastered basic elements and techniques in crocheting and embroidering. The participants presented their works at the event dedicated to the national folk clothes in village Susleni, district Orhei. During the week of the national folk clothes, the Association "Christian Philanthropy" in collaboration with the public library "A. Donici" organized in June 2017 a national costume exhibition, where the products were exhibited. The products were also admired at the fairs organized by the City Hall of Orhei on various occasions (the Town Day, Independence Day). During these activities, the hand-made products were sold, which motivated the participants to create new pieces of traditional folk clothes.


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