May 2016

"Creating opportunities for adult education - a prerequisite for local community development"

On 25th of May, 2016 a roundtable

On 25th of May, 2016 a roundtable of the project "Creating opportunities for adult education - a prerequisite for local community development" was organized by NGO "INTECO" on the premises of the Local Initiative Group Colibaşi, Republic of Moldova. The project aims to develop a model of adult education through interactive methods in Cahul.

The project envisages training of 15 mayors from Cahul within the Course "Community development through social consensus" and 15 citizens from the district within the Course "Horticulture for amateurs".

The event was conducted in an interactive format in which Victoria Matveev, the Director of the Association INTECO presented the project objectives and the expected results. Later, after presenting the concept of adult education, at the discussion participated direct beneficiaries of the project - both mayors and horticulturists amateurs in Cahul and guests of the event, coming from various fields: representatives of local authorities, of civil society from the southern region of Moldova and of local public institutions.

Also during the event it was presented a good practice for Adult Education implemented in 2015, the beneficiaries of which were 25 citizens of village Colibaşi who have completed the trening course on production of canned vegetables and fruits. This practice has proved to be a good example of Adult Education, which can be implemented in other communities.

The participants were witnesses of signing of the Memorandum of partnership between the NGO INTECO, the Association of Mayors of Cahul district and Colibasi Mayoralty, which clearly stipulates the responsibilities of the parties to promote Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. 

At the end of the event the participants expressed their opinions showing their interest for the project.    

This project is implemented by the NGO INTECO with the support of DVV International Moldova - the Representative Office of the German Association for Adult Education.


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