The launch of the project „An educated person”

The Humanitarian Association "Filantropia Crestina"

The Humanitarian Association "Filantropia Crestina" in partnership with DVV International Moldova launched at the end of May, 2016 a new project of adult education - "An educated person", the overall objective of which is personal development and socio-professional education of adults in Orhei, Republic of Moldova.

             The association has aimed at helping adult people, especially those coming from socially disadvantaged groups (people from single parent families, ex-prisoners, people with social adjustment problems immediately after leaving the social system of protection, people with poor education and who need social and educational support) to acquire new knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, interests or values, individual / group experiences resulting from learning.

             To achieve the objectives, the Humanitarian Association " Filantropia Crestina " has proposed the following educational activities: vocational training for "tailor", training sessions on embroidery and manufacturing of handicrafts .

           According to the project, it is expected the vocational training of 20 women from disadvantaged social backgrounds in two sessions of 10 people during April-October 2016. The women, during 3 months will acquire sewing and embroidary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in specially equipped rooms due to the financial support of the Embassy of Germany in 2015. Currently, 9 women are being trained following an adjusted program, benefiting from the services of a trainer with experience in this field. Acquiring a new profession inspires confidence and ability for most beneficiaries  to integrate into the labor market or develop their own business and improve their financial situation.

              For relaunching the national cultural traditions of our ancestors, such as embroidery, hand crocheting, handicrafts, promoting national clothes, the Humanitarian Association proposed to organize 14 training sessions in the art of embroidery and handicrafts manufacture for a minimum number of 20 people in combination with informative sessions in various fields, such as culture, history, civic initiative, health. The beneficiaries of this training will have the opportunity to own and develop certain skills, art techniques and make their own costumes and other traditional items.

               By combining the two specific objectives, it will be possible to manufacture goods: such as costumes sewn by young women trainees and embroidered by the members of the Club "An educated person" which will then be sold to achieve the continuity of the project activities and to help other individuals.


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