The workshop "Local heroes in our neighborhood"

The workshop "Local heroes in our neighborhood" took place in the period of November 10-11, 2017 in Chisinau, within the "History Competition" project, implemented by DVV International Moldova, in partnership with the "Association of Young Historians of Moldova", funded with the support of the German Foreign Office, part of the European network EUSTORY created and managed byKörber-Stiftung Foundation, Hamburg, Germany.

This is the second activity of tutors in the history contest to be launched in December this year. The event, as well as the previous one (September 22-23 September), focused on the title of the contest "Local heroes of 20th Century in our neighborhood".

The topics discussed focused on the competition rules, possible sources of research, perspectives of the studied sources and their critical interpretation, taking various angles of view. The methods used were interactive and stimulating. The non-formal perspective allowed participants to share views, experiences and suggestions, which made the work an open space for communication and training.


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