November 2016

Training in "Methodology in Adult Education" within the Curriculum globALE Program

On October 26-29, 2016 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova,

On October 26-29, 2016 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, DVV International Moldova, the Representative Office of the German Association for Adult Education, brought together about 18 experienced Moldovan trainers in an intensive course dedicated to the aspects of methodology in designing and conducting learning activities for adult population. The workshop was facilitated by one of the authors of the program - Dr. Katarina Popovic, reputed university professor from Serbia with international recognition and co-facilitator Dr. Maja Maksimovic - a young researcher and practitioner in adult education; both experts sharing not only their passion for innovative approaches to topics apparently known, but also delight to collaborate with the group of practitioners from Moldova, which is characterized by extensive experience in training and also through shared responsiveness and involvement. A year later after firstly presenting the module on "Adult teaching and adult learning” the trainers agreed to come back and interact again with participants, bringing new approaches and exercises, that stimulated further exchange on professional ideas and in-depth aspects of educational theory and practice.

While an important part of the activity was devoted to synthesizing models of categorizing methods in working with adults, as well as certain anchorage into other modules of the program Curriculum globALE, there were practical activities that have captivated participants and formed most dynamic part of the seminar which resulted in high-quality intellectual products. The experience of Moldovan practitioners in critical dissociation has encouraged moderators to generously allocate time for debriefing and sharing of opinions.

At the end of the module, both participating parties – in-country learners and internationally experienced trainers - expressed the feeling of accomplishment, substantial mutual learning and collaboration, as well as intentions to continue periodic meetings in other seminars. On the other hand, a firm intention was articulated to develop a clear plan for implementation of the program for other groups of beneficiaries in Moldova. Dissemination and supplementing the program will be done by the beneficiaries of the current stage and will lay the foundations for sustainable and consistent actions.


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