Trainings for coordinators and trainers of Centers for Adult Education (CEA) of Riscani district

During May 25-26, a number of 40 adults

During May 25-26, a number of 40 adults - coordinators and trainers within the network of Centers for Adult Education in Riscani district, Republic of Moldova received trainings in the areas of:

  • Developing partnerships and fundraising on the local level (for coordinators);
  • Methods of adult training (for trainers).

For training delivering it was used the cognitive methodology, which offered participants opportunities to generate creative ideas on the topics, to exchange ideas with peers, to familiarize themselves with relevant information topics from various sources, to synthesize and expand their visions concerning the creation and development of local partnerships, to develop value judgments on the CEA they represent and to learn new methods of adult education.

The practical importance of the first training lies in:

  • possibility of reunification and cooperation in adult education at the community level between various institutions of the public, private and civil society sector;
  • creation of premises for establishing a long term partnership (not just during the project) in order to achieve common objectives;
  • sharing risks and benefits among all project partners;
  • strengthening institutional capacities of all partners involved in the transfer of knowledge and skills.

The second training offered the participants the opportunity to form some notions on the training method, which is a bridge between a trainer and a trainee. It was mentioned the learning needs of adults and motivations that underlie adult learning. It was stressed that for adult learners, time and age have special significance. Adults perceive their own reality in a certain way (they see distant goals), they know how to cherish time, interpersonal relations.

These trainings are organized within the project "Strengthening the rural centers for adult education (CEA) of Riscani district implemented by the NGO "Mostenitorii" (Balti), with the support of DVV International Moldova – the representation office in Moldova of the German Association for Adult Education.


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