DVV International Ukraine partners' projects in 2019

The activities are implemented jointly with partner organizations in 6 regions of Ukraine. We want briefly present you the results of the activities in 2019.

The project “Promotion of adult education in Ukraine” is the main project of the Representative Office of DVV International in Ukraine. The project has 3-year phases while the first one was launched in 2010. Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is the main donor for the implementation of the project.

The ultimate objective of the project is the more efficient and more effective adult education system in Ukraine.

One of the particular areas we focus is improving the quality and diversification of partner services for the socially disadvantaged persons (the unemployed, IDPs, socially disadvantaged youth, rural women, prisoners and former prisoners, etc.). We support our partners in developing and delivering needs-oriented educational programmes aimed at empowering people economically, socially with high-value competencies and life skills, which finally should influence literacy, unemployment, poverty reduction and raising the quality of life in local communities.

The activities are implemented jointly with partner organizations in 6 regions of Ukraine. We want briefly present you the results of the activities in 2019.


Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region

The project "Adult Education Center - a tool for sustainable community development" is implemented by the NGO Social Enterprise Adult Education Center “Pershyi”.

The goal of the project is to promote sustainable development of communities of the city of Melitopol and the Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhia region through the development and implementation of quality educational programs of the AEC “Pershyi”.

The results of a systematic study of the educational needs of adults showed the demand of locals in the field of non-formal education in three main areas: personal development, vocational and civic education.

Since April 2019, 15 educational programs have been implemented, including 8 vocational programs, 7 - personal development and 1 - in civic education, 2 personal development training and 2 workshops. 691 participants have been trained, 11 new adult education programs have been developed.

The AEC carries out the work on the promotion of lifelong learning among city residents. The two-day fair of courses and workshops of professional and personal development for residents of the city and region gathered 446 participants who participated in the training events. Advocacy activities were carried out for the value of lifelong learning and adult education at the city level; lifelong learning has found its place in the city's 2030 development strategy and Melitopol's socio-economic and cultural development program for 2020.


The project "Adult Education Center - an environment for personal and professional development" is implemented by NGO "Adult Education Center of Poltava".

The goal of the project is to create an enabling educational environment for the personal and professional development of adults seeking to acquire new competencies and to improve their existing professional skills.

The Center operates on the basis of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade, where the premises for training and office are allocated. Particular attention in the work of the Center is given to socially vulnerable categories of citizens, in particular: internally displaced persons; elderly; women who are in crisis situations; unemployed; released from prison; veterans and their families members, people with disabilities, low-income and large families.

During the eight months of 2019, 720 persons took part in educational courses. Based on the study of the needs of the local population, training on self-development, development of IT-competences, competencies of effective communication, competencies in teamwork, development of economic competencies were developed and conducted.

NGO "Center for Adult Education of Poltava Region" submitted and won the project in a municipal participatory budget contest, which will provide educational services for the population of Poltava aged 55+ at the expense of the city budget.

Halytsynivska amalgamated community, Mykolaiv region

The project "Halytsynivska community: the community that teaches and learns" is implemented by the NGO Sustainable Development Club “Southern Initiative".

The goal of the project is to promote the personal intellectual, social and economic development of residents of the 6 villages of Halytsynivska community, by building continuous multi-thematic educational and methodological activities of 5 branches of the Halytsynivska community Adult Education and Stakeholder Education Center in Ukraine.

In 2019 Halytsynivska community continued the development of the network of adult education in the community, and 3 new branches of the AEC were created and one of the existing premises in 4 villages was reorganized. The branches are fully equipped with the necessary material and technical facilities, which in turn will enable about 7,000 residents to receive educational services in a comfortable environment. In 2019, community residents were able to enrol the courses in the following topics: English; art courses and programs, including souvenir production; driving lessons; business Ukrainian language and entrepreneurship courses. In total, 193 community members participated in the training and another 350 were trained online.

An adult education festival was held in one of the villages, with over 100 participants.

Halytsynivska amalgamated community adopted an important document outlining the goals and objectives for the development of adult education in Halytsynivska community for 2020-2026, the stages of their achievement and implementation of the tasks. Additionally, this document will financially support the implementation of educational programs over the next 7 years.


The project "Supporting the Educational Services of the Adult Education Center and Promoting Lifelong Learning in the City of Sumy" is implemented by the NGO "Lifelong Learning Center".

The aim is to promote the sustainable development of adult education services (primarily for seniors) which improve their quality of life and opportunities in the labour market in Sumy.

From June to November 2019, approximately 700 Sumy residents participated in the project's educational activities, enhancing their civic competences and enhancing their ability to work in the labour market. Residents had the opportunity to participate in open educational meetings-discussions/ lectures/training with influencers, scholars, community leaders, local politicians; take the course "Keeping good health and an active lifestyle for older people"; courses in financial, information, digital literacy, courses in business Ukrainian, etc. The “Education for Life” Adult Education Center has strengthened its position in the city of Sumy as an institution that can develop and organize any non-formal education course and position itself as the city's Civic Education Center.

The results of the project convinced the Sumy city authorities of the need to strengthen organizational approaches to adult education in the city. As a result, the promotion and development of Lifelong Learning are included in the 2020-2030 City Development Strategy (which envisages the development of a specifically targeted funding program in 2020), and the City of Sumy has prepared and signed an application to join the UNESCO Learning Cities network.


The project "Adult Education Network in Lviv" is implemented by the Municipal institution “City Institute”, in cooperation with the Department of Culture of the Lviv City Council.

The goal is to create a network of facilities based on public libraries for conducting adult learning and education services, which will establish a system of adult education functioning in Lviv.

From September to December, 275 people participated in the training, and a total of 408 people were involved by the project. Prior to the start of the project, consultations were held with various city stakeholders and a study of the educational needs of the locals, which revealed that Lviv residents were most interested in learning foreign languages, psychology and management. Also, a large percentage of residents preferred the courses connected to graphic design and the creative sector. Courses in these areas under the brand "CE -  Centers of Education" were held in 3 public libraries. 16 librarians have undergone special training to support the organization and conduct of adult education at the library.

The project's interim results, approving feedback from the townspeople motivate the City Council of Lviv to further develop the field of non-formal education, in particular, the city Lviv plans to join the UNESCO Learning cities network and conducts preparatory work.

Bucha, Kyiv region

The project "Adult Education in the community" is implemented by NGO "Call of Generations".

The goal is to create a Territorial Center for Adult Education and educational spaces in the community to promote the idea of ​​adult learning and education.

In the eight months of 2019, 297 residents of Bucha amalgamated community took part in training courses. 12 persons who have completed the courses of the Center found the official job, at least 7 have become self-employed.

In cooperation with local educational and cultural institutions, local businesses 5 educational spaces for adult learning and education. Residents had the opportunity to take courses on the following topics: literacy and basic skills; foreign languages ​​(English, German, Polish); courses of psychological support; amber crafts; "Second chance" (for persons with disabilities of Borodyanka town); civic education, “World of Communities”; Christian ethics; cycling tourism; adult education trainings for trainers, teachers, local officials.

In 2019 the concept of development of adult education in the Bucha amalgamated community was approved.

In addition to the direct support of partner projects, DVV International Ukraine is systematically working on the raising of institutional capacity of adult learning and education centres, trainers, management of partner organizations, advocating for improving regulatory frameworks and funding for adult education development in the regions. In 2020-2021 it is planned to continue cooperation with partner organizations, expand the number of courses and services for the population, improve educational services and develop the capacity of the centres.



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