December 2017

(Hi)story of my community: announcement of competitions for youth

DVV International Ukraine in partnership with “Nova Doba” announce history competitions

DVV International Ukraine in partnership with “Nova Doba” announce history competitions for school students and school graduates.

The aim of the competitions is to draw young people's attention to local history and help them actively and independently explore the historical dimension of their environment, thus switching from the role of recipient that can be found most commonly in school lessons, to the role of a producer.

This encourages personal responsibility and critical faculties, and will reveal in a practical manner the fundamental problems that are associated with historical perspective, as well as the constructive character of historical narratives to the participants of such a competition.

Topic of the competition: “History of my community”; the research should relate to some aspect of the past of the place where the participants live: this may be some kind of historic event, object, a person, etc.

Who can participate?

Only the teams of students under tutors mentoring are eligible to apply. Students age group: from 14 to 18 years old. Recommended number of students in one team: up to 5 people.

Who can be a tutor?

Tutor is a mentor organizing student teams to conduct research projects. He / She may be a school history teacher, a museum worker, a guide, a university student etc. Potential tutors should have access to student youth in order to organize research team.

Tutors must know: а) what project-orientated learning is and how to apply it in school, b) how to brand/promote history, c) how to preserve cultural/historic heritage, d) how to present historic research to different target groups.

Tutors will be awarded with certificate from organizers.

How to conduct research?

What we will evaluate?

  1. Submitted Research (learn more about the evaluation criteria);
  2. Completed Project Journal describing the process of research.
  3. Proposals for possible application of the research.

How to participate?

Tutor registers his/her team here by the end of January 2018

By March 31, 2018 tutor submits team application (research, Project Journal and proposal) 


Should you have any questions, please contact project coordinator: and follow us on Facebook




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