Memorandum to promote the development of adult education signed in Melitopol

27-29 October Melitopol hosted several important and interesting events in the field of adult education.

27-29 October Melitopol hosted several important and interesting events in the field of adult education.


The residents of Melitopol had a possibility to enjoy "The Fair of Trainings and Master Classes of Personal and Professional Development for Adults" that took place on the initiative of the NGO "Ukrainian Association of Student Cities" and support of DVV International in Ukraine. It’s already the second event of such kind that is organized in the city.


The objectives of the “Fair” were the presentation of educational programs for adults and the identification of the most popular educational services among the population, increasing the recognition of formal and non-formal education providers, exchange of experience between providers of educational services in the city, region and country.


During the two days of the “Fair”, 638 people of all ages, professional and personal interests have attended 54 educational events from 29 trainers from Melitopol and other cities of Ukraine


The range of events was diverse and included professional training on marketing and personal brand promotion, massage and self-massage courses, personal growth training, media literacy, creative arts and crafts, paper engineering courses etc. Information on the timetable and topics of all educational programs everybody could find in advance on the official website of the public organization "Ukrainian Association of Student Cities" and on its page in the facebook, where everyone could register in advance in order to be sure to get to the favorite training or master-class.


Apart of the “Fair” the regional round table “Fostering of community development through Adult Education” organized by Charitable organization «Social Fund» and DVV International Ukraine was held October 29, 2018 in Melitopol within the framework of the project «Regional Voices - Civic Adult Education for Community Empowerment in Ukraine and Belarus». The aim of the event was to acquire support of local authorities by raising their awareness of civic adult education as a driver for socio-economic development and to discuss the role of local authorities and possibilities to support adult education programs on regional level through cooperation of local organizations, authorities and other local stakeholders. 


The significant event for adult education development in Melitopol was the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation


The Memorandum was signed between the representatives of 10 NGOs in Melitopol, the Executive Committee of the Melitopol City Council of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, the DVV International Representative Office in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Adult Education Public Association. Signatories have joined their efforts to promote the development of adult education in Ukraine - an important component of civil society and the foundations of regional development - by fostering an understanding of the value of adult education and lifelong learning in Ukrainian society, raising awareness among citizens of the importance of adult education for improving their quality of life and for the development of the region in which they live, as well as the development of the potential of organizations working in this field.


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