April 2018

Train the trainer course on older adults learning was held in Kyiv

17-21 April train-the-trainers workshop “Methodology of developing and organizing learning programs for older adults” was held in Kyiv

17-21 April train-the-trainers course “Methodology of developing and organizing learning programs for older adults” was held in Kyiv. The workshop was conducted by Lana Rudnik and Vitaut Rudnik, invited experts and practitioners from Belarus, and organized by DVV International Ukraine.

Society and state authorities are beginning to pay more attention to the issues of the healthy and active longevity of the people. The understanding of the importance of access to modern knowledge of the older adults for improving the quality of their lives is intensified. The list of educational programs relevant to senior citizens needs includes courses on computer literacy, civic competences, healthy lifestyle, hobbies, and others.

There are professional organizations and government agencies, which organize and conduct educational programs for seniors: territorial centers of social services, third-generation universities, NGOs.

An important task nowadays is to increase trainers' competences and professionalism in the development of modern methods for older adults learning activities.

Within the framework of the course, 23 participants from different regions of Ukraine learned to develop curricula and structure, study approaches and planning of educational programs for the older adults learning. Trainers shared their professional experience, revealed approaches to interactive learning, design, and analysis of training sessions

The results of the course were not only new knowledge and skills gained but participants also developed 4 brand new learning programs for the older adults.

DVV International Ukraine systematically supports the development of older adults education in Ukraine and wants to thank the trainers Lana Rudnik and Vitaut Rudnik and our partners, in particular, the NGO Center Podillya-Socium for cooperation in organizing this train the trainer course and for their activities over a long period of time dedicated to the development of older adults education.


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