Promotion of Adult Education in Ukraine

The project “Promotion of adult education in Ukraine” is the main project of the Representative Office of DVV International in Ukraine. The project has 3-year phases while the first one was launched in 2010. Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is the main donor for the implementation of the project.

The ultimate objective of the project is more efficient and more effective adult education system in Ukraine.

Current phase (2019-2021) of the project “Promotion of adult education in Ukraine” is divided into three priority areas:

Political dialogue and lobbying at the local, national, regional and international levels lead to greater consideration of the AE in policies and budgets

In this area, the DVVI Ukraine office concentrates on further advocacy for the development of the legal provision for the Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Adult Education (AE) in Ukraine through an expert support in designing of a special national law “On Adult Education”. At the same time the goal is to stimulate discussions and to raise awareness of local self-governments of cities and new amalgamated territorial communities (ATC) about the necessity to include support to adult education structures in their local strategies and social-economical plans. On this level more attention will be paid to awareness raising campaigns popularising LLL and AE as a human right and value, and a resource for local development. It will be based on the local success stories with the broad usage of various media.

Partners and networks in the country and in the region are strengthened in their institutional capacities and adult educators are trained and educated

In this area, the main efforts are aimed at building strong local structures for the provision of demand-oriented educational programmes for all levels of population with special focus on vulnerable groups. Among the actual tasks we strive to develop different competences of adult education centres, such as: general managerial, analytical (needs and marketing study), selection of beneficiaries on a community level (with focus on needs of individual beneficiaries the organization develops a strategy for outreach to beneficiaries and uses all available tools to communicate with them), selection/education of qualified trainers,  competences in designing responsive training programs, methods for empowering orientation sessions, methodology for coaching community initiatives, competence to build networks;  competence in resource mobilisation and financing. Special attention will be paid to building networks on the local level to diversify the sources for partners sustainability.

Improved and increased adult education offers

In this area, we focus on improving the quality and diversification of partner services for the socially disadvantaged (the unemployed, IDPs, socially disadvantaged youth, rural women, prisoners and former prisoners, etc.). We support our partners in developing and delivering needs-oriented educational programmes aimed at empowering people economically, socially with high value competencies and life skills, which finally should influence literacy, unemployment, poverty reduction and raising quality of life in local communities.


The activities are implemented jointly with partner organizations in 6 regions of Ukraine.



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