Active Seniors to the Third Power

The care for socially vulnerable groups remains one of the most important aspect in the community. Mărculeşti, Floresti district, hosts several socially vulnerable groups, the most representative being the elderly.

The survey conducted with 280 elderly people from 7 localities of Floresti district showed a number of their needs: 197 of seniors need communication and work activities: crocheting, woodcutting, stitching, embroidery, knitting etc.; 201 people need to improve their financial situation by learning new crafts; 250 respondents - physical exercise and dance, communication, joint activities with peers, 23 of them need to learn something new and interesting, to get acquainted with their peers. In conclusion, most of the elderly need communication, learning new crafts to improve their precarious material and social situation.

The Public Association in Support of Education in partnership with the Gymnasium "Vasile Alecsandri" from Marculesti, implements the project "Active Seniors to the Third Power" to empower 28 seniors in the art of tailoring, embroidery/crocheting, woodworking and entrepreneurship. The project aims to increase the ability of older people to actively participate in community life.