Responsible through Education

The experience of the NGO "Positive Initiative" in the rehabilitation and resocialization of vulnerable groups of population - users of psychoactive substances, HIV-infected people, people at high risk of infection - demonstrates that creating an optimal learning context and using motivation factors continuously increase the level of involvement of beneficiaries and their resocialization. Such an experience the NGO "Positive Initiative" team had in 2017 when a start-up was initiated within the Therapeutic Community of Beriozchi village, Anenii Noi district, where the residents were trained in the field of entrepreneurship, facing a practical learning model.  Moreover, as moderators and mentors were business leaders who have experienced drug use and detention.

This experience will be transferred to the Therapeutic Community within Penitentiary No. 9 - Pruncul with 26 places for the rehabilitation of drug users. Penitentiary workers involved in the work of the Therapeutic Community will be reprofiled and will learn to build relationships with residents based on mutual respect and trust. The Department of Penitentiary Institutions has emphasized the openness to provide clearer opportunities for the business sector in implementation of entrepreneurial activities in penitentiary institutions.

Similarly, the NGO "Triniti" from Ribnita, Transnistria will also benefit of good practices. The organization provides psycho-social support services and implements risk reduction programs for the HIV-positive for certain categories of population: drug users, former detainees, HIV-positive people and their families. A major challenge for the NGO is to find ways of self-financing to support activities, while providing beneficiaries with progressive training programs with clear aims.

In order to implement the project "Responsible through Education" by the NGO "Positive Initiative" and supported by DVV International Moldova, the following prerequisites were taken into consideration:

-       The experience of the organization in the implementation of projects on adult education supported by DVV International Moldova is positive, with visible results, and this experience needs to be multiplied;

-       Civil society organizations in HIV-positive assistance of HIV-vulnerable groups have a major potential in delivering adult education programs and in creating Adult Education Centers;

-       Penitentiary staff and residents of the Therapeutic Community in the penitentiary require clear activity opportunities and innovative training programs;

The opening of the penitentiary system for business activities would provide great insights to detainees from vulnerable categories.

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