Regional voices - adult civil education for the empowerment of local communities in Ukraine and Belarus

The aim of the project is to strengthen democratization processes on the local level in Ukraine and Belarus through civic adult education programmes.

One of the key project tasks is to enable activists of civil society organizations, which work in the sphere of non-formal education of adults and youth, to elaborate and implement need-based civic adult education programmes and to acquire sustainable material and financial support for adult education programmes by local self-government.

Applicants of the project are the national offices of the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Association of National Universities (DVV International) in <link ukraine _blank>Ukraine and Belarus, implementing partners are two national adult education associations in Ukraine and Belarus.

Key directions of the project activities are:

  • Strengthening the capacity of civil society partner organizations through implementation of the educational programme;
  • Strengthening local structures in adult education through partnership with local self governments and conduction a range of activities on the regional and national levels, including regional and national round tables;
  • Enhancing public participation in local communities through implementation of micro-projects in the regions of Ukraine and Belarus.

Six local partner organizations from 6 regions of Ukraine and 3 local partner organizations from 2 regions of Belarus will be involved in the implementation of the project activities. They are: 

  • Oblast Center «Successful Woman», Kherson;
  • Charitable organization «Social Fund», Melitopol, Zaporizhska oblast;
  • Non-governmental organization «Information and Education Centre «Impuls», Skole, Lvivska oblast;
  • Non-governmental organization «Lifelong Learning Centre», Sumy;
  • Non-governmental organization «Сlub for Sustainable Development «South Initiative», Galytsynove,   Mykolayivska oblast;
  • Vitebsk branch of the public organization «Young Men's Christian Association» (YMCA Vitebsk);
  • Regional public association of young intellectuals «VIT», Grodno;
  • Center for Continuing Adult Education «Studio of Useful Competences», Grodno.


The project will cover more than 1500 people, indirect target group is 2500 people. The project will be implemented from May 2018 till October  2019.

More details are on the web-portal of the project:

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