WITH US: with and for seniors

The synthesis of the recent survey conducted in Bahrinesti village, Floresti district, with the participation of 100 elderly people, revealed that about 70% of them do not know the notion of active ageing and the methods of active ageing, consider that old age is decisive and puts an end to the activism and health of a person. At the same time, the elderly people showed interest in knowing the principles of proper nutrition in the process of ageing.

The project "WITH US: with and for seniors" implemented by the NGO "Pro Comunity Bahrinesti" aims to produce a movement, even small, in this sense, to demonstrate to seniors from the community the idea that old age is an opportunity, some free time that can be dedicated to one’s own health and its fortification.

The specific objectives of the project in Bahrinesti, Floresti district concerns the following:

Ø  improving the health of 50 retired people, by providing access to knowledge about the importance of proper nutrition in the ageing process

Ø  diversifying the occupations of 25 elderly people by involving them in the carpet making

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