Successful communities - through education

The project "Successful communities - through education" is a project implemented by the Tighina Psychologists Association (APT) that will take place in Causeni district in the following target localities: Cirnateni,  Cirnatenii Noi, Taraclia, Ciuflesti, Firladeni, Hagimus, Ursoaia and Causeni town.

The aim of the project is to increase the access to training of people from socially vulnerable categories and to promote civic activism through the implementation of non-formal education programs.

The APT experience in various educational projects outlines certain priorities and learning needs that arise from the beneficiaries of the projects, including young adults with interrupted educational background, survivors of domestic violence, lonely mothers, unemployed mothers. Following the study of the learning needs of the beneficiaries, the following aspects were identified: self-knowledge and relationships in the family, in the work group, in the circle of friends; housekeeping; income generation; child care and education; professionalization, etc.

Based on these learning needs, the APT team will offer the following courses for people in difficulty:

• Personal development course

• Course "Magic in the kitchen"

• Course of manual repair of clothing

• Professionalization course

• Course "Good governance - the pillar of community development"

• Course "The universe of my passions"

• Sewing course

• Course "Digital skills for everyone"

• Parental education course

• Summer school for young community leaders

As a result, the beneficiaries of the project will increase their relational skills, skills to make the household more efficient, the education of the children, the identification of a job, etc. As a result, they will gain more confidence, competence and decision-making power to redress their persistent social hardship situation, to face the various daily challenges. In addition, the APT team will motivate the local LPAs to cooperate with the CEA in solving the problems of community interest.

The project is financed from the federal budget of Germany - BMZ - Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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