Professionalization of adult education centres

"Professionalization of adult education centers" is the main project of DVV International representative office in Belarus, which is a part of a larger project of DVV International "Professionalization of adult education centers in Europe" and a continuation of the project "Development of adult education in Belarus", funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The strategic objective of the project is formulated for the period 2019-2027 and is aimed at presentation and dissemination of the results of successful pilot programs and best practices to attract attention to adult education issues at the level of educational policy and budget funding. 

Project area: the Republic of Belarus (Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk, Mogilev oblasts)

Duration of the first phase of the project: 2019-2021 

Project objectives for the period 2019-2021:

  • Promoting dialogue at the level of educational policies and promoting adult and lifelong learning at local, national, regional and international levels. 
  • Strengthening partner organizations and associations in the country and in the regions in their institutional capacities, as well as promoting the development of professional competences of adult education specialists (andragogues, trainers, etc.).
  • Expansion of the range and number of educational programs for adults and promotion of their quality improvement. 

The project "Professionalization of adult education centers" identifies four priority areas for activities in Belarus, in which the Representative Office organizes joint activities with partners and supports mini-projects of partner organizations:

Development of Adult Education Centres

Mini-projects in this area are aimed at creating, developing and improving the efficiency of local centers engaged in training and cultural and educational activities for adults and young people. 

Adult education centers are designed to ensure the availability of a wide range of educational programs for adults in the regions, contribute to the realization of the right to education for everyone, promote access to lifelong learning and development of local communities. The concept of the Adult Education Centers is to provide a wide range of educational services - from the promotion of employment and self-employment, development of personal skills and professional competences to training in crafts, home floriculture, assistance to people with dementia, etc.  

Learning cities and organizations 

Mini-projects of this direction are aimed at promoting learning for all, as well as the concept of "learning city" in different contexts and at any age through the involvement of various organizations in the learning processes, the creation of adult education centers, expanding the range of services for vulnerable groups, creating new opportunities for learning at work, etc. 

The partners are city administrations committed to the idea of a "learning city" and supporting intersectoral and inter-institutional cooperation on their territory in order to promote the right to education for all. 

In addition to supporting mini-projects, the Representative Office implements the Learning Cities and Organisations Programme, which aims to develop the capacity of initiative groups from localities seeking to create and develop a learning city/learning area. In addition to the representatives of the cities, the Program participants also included organizations that are engaged in the creation and development of adult education centers in different regions of Belarus. Representatives of 11 teams were selected to participate in the 2019 Programme. 

The programme includes the development of the strategic plan, development of the model of the adult education centre in relation to local conditions, support in the organisational development of the programme participants. The programme involves both face-to-face meetings and intermediate work online.

"Access to education in the penitentiary system and training for social adaptation of those released from penitentiary institutions"

The main objective of this area is to support innovative projects for the development and testing of training programmes for the re-socialization of convicts and citizens released from correctional facilities. Within the framework of this area, programmes for the development of professional competencies and increasing competitiveness in the labour market are supported, as well as programmes for personal development, which contribute to the restoration of family ties and participation in the life of society.

"Promoting the development of expertise and modern forms of education in adult education in Belarus 

Within the framework of this area, the Representative Office facilitates discussion of the prospects for the development of the national adult education system in the context of current global trends, such as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, etc. It also supports the development and implementation of local/regional strategies for the development of adult education and lifelong learning and the development of innovative forms of adult learning activities, such as distance and blended learning. 

In addition, the Representative Office promotes the exchange of experience and presentation of the results of Belarusian partners' activities at the international level. 

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