A project to reintegrate female and male veterans is launched in Ukraine through educational opportunities

Efforts in the field of social recovery for veterans in Ukraine have received a new impetus through the project "Reintegration of War Veterans through the Creation of Educational Opportunities".

The main goal is to create conditions for the successful adaptation and integration of veterans and their families into civilian life by enhancing professional knowledge and social skills, strengthening competitiveness in the job market.

The project is implemented in collaboration with partner organizations and Adult Education and Training Centers (CNOs) in 7 regions of Ukraine, namely:

  1. NGO "Network of Education Centers," Lviv
  2. NGO "Center for Adult Education 'South,'" Mykolaiv
  3. NGO "Cossack Nabat," Nikopol
  4. NGO "Lifelong Education Center," Sumy
  5. NGO "Podillya-Society Center," Vinnytsia
  6. Social Enterprise "First Adult Education Center," Melitopol/Zaporizhia
  7. NGO "Adult Education Center of Poltava Region," Poltava

The target audience is veterans and their families, with special attention to the inclusion of women by encouraging the participation of female veterans and family members.

The team of DVV International in Ukraine, in collaboration with partner CNOs, plans to conduct an analysis and mapping of available services in the regions for veterans, ensuring their optimal support. Educational and consultative events are planned for a minimum of 2100 veterans and their families in 7 regions, along with information campaigns to raise awareness of the services provided by CNOs.

Veterans and their families will have the opportunity to undergo educational courses on various topics, receive individual and group consultations in legal, psychological, professional, and business-oriented areas based on local CNOs. A minimum of 30 veterans will have the chance to receive business grants for starting their own businesses in their communities, up to €10,000.

It is also crucial to sign a minimum of 7 Memoranda of Cooperation between local CNOs, veteran organizations, state institutions, and other stakeholders. This will strengthen cooperation and coordinate efforts to meet the needs and requests of veterans and their families.

The project "Reintegration of War Veterans through the Creation of Educational Opportunities" is a significant step towards supporting and restoring veterans in Ukraine. Collaborative efforts from various stakeholders will ensure not only the improvement of their professional qualifications but also the full integration of veterans into community life.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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