Tradition of an educated person (Phase 2)

The project "Tradition of an educated person" implemented in 2016 represented for the Humanitarian Association "Christian Philanthropy" an assessment of intervention capacities of its members in the sphere of adult education,

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Non-formal education and mentoring for effective reintegration of vulnerable groups of population

International and national experience demonstrates that groups of antisocial behaviour, especially imprisoned drug users and HIV-positive people, need information, education, counseling

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Creating rural Centers for Adult Education in Glodeni district

Education plays an essential role in combating poverty and ensuring sustainable economic growth. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, it is necessary to ensure both equal access to educational services and their adequate quality.

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Education on Human Rights - an essential element in the formation of a responsible citizen

One of the problems identified by the NGO Azi is lack of knowledge on citizens' rights, especially of people with disabilities and their parents, of elderly/retired, and vulnerable people.

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Creating learning communities – a prerequisite for rural development in the southern region of Moldova

In the southern region of Molodva there are various state institutions and non-governmental organizations that provide educational services for adults.

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