Tradition of an educated person (Phase 2)

The project "Tradition of an educated person" implemented in 2016 represented for the Humanitarian Association "Christian Philanthropy" an assessment of intervention capacities of its members in the sphere of adult education, as well as an experiment, a model of non-formal education, that focused on vocational training of women from disadvantaged social groups, folk art studies, history and local traditions and the promotion of democratic citizenship for adults in the community.

The project contributed substantially in 2016 to the socio-economic empowerment of 30 people in the region who mastered the profession of a sewer through an educational program accredited by the Ministry of Education and in partnership with the Vocational School in Orhei. Within the project, there were identified many people who wanted to benefit from the program, but the limited number of available places din not allow the others to acquire this profession. In this respect, in 2017 the project continues in a wider prospect: the beneficiaries will be able to attend an optional module on sewing and making clothing from leather and fur, such as vests, hats, etc. Also the beautiful embroidery work gatherings will continue giving the community the opportunity to socialize and acquire knowledge and personal skills development in a very pleasant climate.

During 2017 there will be organized vocational training courses of which 30 people from disadvantaged social groups will benefit. They will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills over three months in the vocational training in sewing and at the end of the training they will benefit of certificates issued by the Vocational School in Orhei approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. For the most tenacious trainees there would also be a possibility to complete their knowledge in sewing for other three months. Within the training activities men will be involved who will get specialized in the general field of making leather clothing and heavy fabrics within a separate module.

The adult members of the club "An educated person", as well as other community people will participate at the adult learning activities who wish to learn crafts at the weekly sittings. They will be attended by 20 participants: a large part of them - pensioners and people working in educational, economic, legal, medical, etc, spheres. No restriction to participation will be imposed, regardless of age or activity, but the vast majority of those who will participate will be of 30 and 70 years old.


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