Creative villages – people changing the future

Education plays an essential role in combating poverty and ensuring sustainable economic growth. However, in order to capitalize on this opportunity, it is necessary to ensure both equal access to educational services and their adequate quality. But because of the limited financial possibilities, especially in rural areas, people from disadvantaged categories have little accessibility to educational programs offered by state structures. In this context, a potential solution to this situation is the organization of adult education services through the creation and development of Adult Education Centers in rural areas

The project "Creative villages - people changing the future", implemented by the NGO "Mostenitorii" and supported by DVV International Moldova from BMZ funds, continues for the second year in the communities in Glodeni district. It aims to strengthen the role of adult education in society: the welfare development at district, community and personal level through Adult Education Centers based on libraries.

Throughout the project, interested librarians will receive training in project writing and management, creative marketing at personal and institutional level, and learn about the principles of persuasive communication with community partners. For the application of knowledge in practice, a mini-grant contest will be organized. On a competitive basis, each of the 5 selected Adult Education Centers, in agreement with local beneficiaries, will decide which training courses will be held at the local level.

Adult education programs will create competitive labor force and increase civic activism at the community level. Also, the training courses will develop certain skills and competences of the beneficiaries in the chosen field, which will lead to their personal and professional growth

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