Partnership for education and reintegration of users of psycho-active substances and HIV-positive people

The Action is being implemented by the NGO "Viata Noua" in partnership with DVV International Moldova in Prison Nr. 4 – Cricova, Prison Nr. 15, Cricova, Prison Nr.3, Leova, Therapeutic Community from v. Berezchi, Anenii Noi. The overall objective is to improve the quality of life of consumers of psychoactive substances and HIV-positive people. 


The Learning Center „Inspiration”

The project is initiated and implemented by the "Altair-Z" in cooperation with DVV International Moldova in mun. Balti. The project focuses on increasing employment opportunities of disadvantaged people and of their social relations through trainings which motivate these people to use their free time in securing their own sources of income and establish interpersonal relationships.


Self-employment of young women by harnessing tourism prospects

Reduced employment opportunities, especially in rural areas and the general state of apathy of citizens has lead to the development of the by the NGO Pro Community Bahrinești  in collaboration with DVV International Moldova in neighbouring localities of zone Marculesti, district Floresti.  The objective of the project is empowering 20 unemployed young women in v. Bahrinesti, district Floresti with 


Strengthening rural Centers for adult education in Riscani district

The access and the diversity of qualitative educational programs are important elements in building a system of adult education which should be ensured in rural communities. The pilot project commenced last year by the NGO "Moștenitorii" in capacity building of librarians who would take an active attitude towards changing the state of library operation by organizing and delivering adult education trainings 


Tradition of an educated person

Professional education outside the traditional professional colleges and educational institutions is also possible and offers a more tailored curriculum outline with the theoretical material finely combined with the practical activities. The project which was developed and is being implemented by the NGO Filantropia Crestina in collaboration with DVV International Moldova in the town Orhei synergizes with another project financed by the Embassy of Germany that offered financial support 


Creating opportunities for adult education - a prerequisite for the development of local community

Active citizenship is a prerequisite in a democratic society which should be supported by public institutions and other structures, including NGOs. Contributing to the increase of citizens participative culture awareness of local authorities and to competitiveness skills of citizens in the labour market is the two-tier aim of the project initiated by the NGO "Inteco" in partnership with DVV International Moldova in v. Colibasi, district Cahul.


Contributions to the professionalization of adult educators

Non-formal education as an opportunity for personal and professional development of the population is insufficiently harnessed in the context of Moldova, which harms the quality of human resources and the capacity of efficient employability in a changing society.


The development of network of adult education actors in the southern of Moldova

One of the problems in town Cahul and in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova is reduced promotion of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning as an opportunity to solve various social problems: access to the labor market and reducing unemployment, retraining and professional reorientation, 



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