Strengthening rural Centers for adult education in Riscani district

The access and the diversity of qualitative educational programs are important elements in building a system of adult education which should be ensured in rural communities. The pilot project commenced last year by the NGO "Moștenitorii" in capacity building of librarians who would take an active attitude towards changing the state of library operation by organizing and delivering adult education trainings and events has brought fruitful results. Based on last year success stories, some stakeholders representing libraries, houses of culture, museums, community centers have expressed their desire in extending and strengthening the good practices in their localities.

The current year project aims at the creation and development of Centres for Adult Education (CEA) in 10 communities of Riscani district through capacity building of librarians and representatives of other institutions – coordinators of CEA who, in turn, will organize training courses for personal and professional development of adults from vulnerable groups. The project is a continuation of actions undertaken in the previous year in order to create, especially on the basis of rural libraries Centers for Adult Education - local infrastructure for provision of education services based on real needs of adult population. This year it is proposed the consolidation and replication in other communities of previous results by including of more local institutions (libraries, cultural centers, community centers) in capacity building actions, which would create the premises to set up Centers for Adult Education network in Riscani district.

Moreover, local and regional trainers in AE in various fields will be identified to undergo together with coordinators of Centers of Adult Education a series of training sessions for increase of their professionalization and which will enable the creation of a network of adult educators in the northern part of Moldova.

The analyses of obtained results of adult education projects in the previous years in Riscani district showed that decision makers and citizens begin to understand and appreciate the value of trainings / adult education for rural communities members; the interest towards IT, healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship, etc is on rise. In 2015-2016 local government bodies in villages Singureni, Mihaileni, Grinauti, etc. included concrete actions in education/training of human resources in various fields into their local strategic development plans fields, where AE concept refers to education carried out in specific ways and forms to all social and professional categories of adults.

The importance of implementing actions in AE in rural areas lies in the following:

1. Low affordability of disadvantaged persons to trainings due to reduced financial support;

2. Capacităţile insuficiente ale structurilor de stat si celor non-statale în ceea ce priveşte aria de acoperire cu programe de informare, instruire şi medierea angajării în cimpul muncii.

3. Insufficient capacities of state structures and non-state ones in terms of provision of adult education programs and trainings based on real needs;

4. Lack of adult training service providers network;

5. Reduced number of trainers in Adult Education


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