Center for Adult Education Causeni: education for performance

Different categories of adult population in the Causeni area have certain learning priorities. Thus, young adults with a discontinued educational path or young people with modest ability to pay for studies require support in developing a plan to initiate income-generating activities that they could manage in the community or at home. Survivors of domestic violence, solitary mothers need professional training to gain a qualification and be more competitive on the labor market. Young adults are in need of self-awareness and family-related skills for better bonding with friends, colleagues and other people. The increased interest in volunteering in the society raised the need for training and counseling in volunteering in the community.

The project "Center for Adult Education Causeni: education for performance", initiated by the NGO "Association of Psychologists from Tighina" in 2018 responds largely to the learning needs of adults of different ages from socio-vulnerable families, who ate motivated to learn to become more competitive, flexible, able to make independent decisions in different periods of personal and professional life. On the other hand, for achieving the intention of the Center for Adult Education Causeni to achieve a wide range of training activities in different spheres for various beneficiaries, a training course for local trainers will be carried out. By becoming professional local trainers, they will be active in the current and future projects of CEA Causeni, as well as in other projects implemented by the NGO "Association of Psychologists from Tighina."

Thus, according to the implementation plan, the Center for Adult Education Causeni will develop a personal development program, personal marketing, economic empowerment through initiating income-generating activities, training courses on information technologies for young families and young adults in difficulty. As a result, they will gain more confidence, competences and decision-making power to redress their social difficulties, persist, get a job, meet daily challenges. The project will help to strengthen personal, social and professional competencies of the beneficiaries, will facilitate the creation of network of local trainers of the Center for Adult Education from Causeni, will constructively and creatively address the increasing demands of the beneficiaries according to their interests, motivate local authorities to cooperate with the Center in solving issues of community interest

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