Adult Education starts with Me

One of the problems identified by the NGO „AZI” is the lack of awareness among citizens of their rights, especially among persons with disabilities and their parents, elderly/retired, socially vulnerable people, and persons in prisons. In the project implemented in 2017 it was concluded that people want to learn, know how to identify problems, find solutions and financial / human sources to solve them, that are supported by local authorities.

The most affected people are those who dwell in rural areas and are from the socially vulnerable categories, namely: people without a permanent job, returning migrants who do not find work, women, people with disabilities, the elderly. These categories of people are the most vulnerable, they are on the local authoritioes’ lists waiting for social benefits, they are always dissatisfied - and such citizens, unfortunately, are the majority in rural areas.

The experience from the previous project has shown that teachers, librarians, mayors, social workers, cultural workers are an important resource in the community, they are messengers of change, they can change attitudes, mentalities, motivate citizens to learn. In the project "Adult Education starts with Me", it is proposed by the NGO "AZI" team to continue educate citizens of rural localities in the field of human rights, promote adult education as an essential element in the development of citizens. In order to ensure sustainability, the NGO "AZI" aims to provide paid services for xerox-copying and legal advice to individuals and businesses.

The NGO "AZI" will continue to train people with influence from 6 localities in Cahul and Cantemir ditrsicts - librarians, social workers, pedagogues - in the field of human rights. They, in return, will disseminate information in the localities they come from. Thus, Adult Education (AE) and Lifelong Learning (LLL) will be promoted, will highlight the human potential of localities, encourage citizens' involvement in solving community problems.  

Within this project, the NGO "AZI" aims to initiate a series of actions: trainings on human rights, workshops, working sessions, round tables. Important community actors will increase their awareness about adult education, there will be identified ideas from community actors that can contribute to the smooth running and sustainability of the project.

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