Professionalization of adult education centres

"Professionalization of adult education centers" is the main project of DVV International representative office in Belarus, which is a part of a larger project of DVV International "Professionalization of adult education centers in Europe" and a continuation of the project "Development of adult education in Belarus", funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

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History competition II

Within the framework of the project "History competitions in Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine" (2019/20)

The project is aimed at promoting history compestition as one of the tools for educating civil society and forming an inclusive culture of memory and remembrance.

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Active for aducation in Prison

The project contributes to the development of the International Prison Education Network in the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia in Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine and contributes to the observance of the human rights to education in prisons.

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