Old traditions – new perspectives

In the project for adult education named "Traditions" implemented by the Humanitarian Association "Christian Filantropy", supported by DVV International Moldova over a period of 2 years: 2016-2017, more than 60 people were trained in the profession of "tailor" who obtained certificates endorsed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, other personal development courses were organized with contents from different areas.

The impact of adult education (AE) on the community is particularly important by providing new opportunities for people interested in learning a profession, but also by promoting the association's "social entrepreneurship" that provides products and services offered by beneficiaries for projects’ sustainability and further development.

In this sense, through partnership with DVV International, in 2018, in addition to the professional course in tailoring, there will be an additional course of "computer embroidery" and another one in "manual embroidery." These are the means which, on the one hand, will provide opportunities for people to learn a profession and, on the other hand, to be employed in the "DATINA" workshop on the basis of an individual employment contract or a service contract, making it possible for the association to become economically active via the production of clothes that can be sold. It is remarked that such a course in tailoring of professionalization of short term - 3 months - in the Republic of Moldova DOES NOT EXIST!

People who will attend the "computer embroidery" course will also be initiated to work with the „Wilcom” embroidery program and the embroidery machine that the Humanitarian Association "Christian Filantropy" has purchased. Also, because the working time of the embroidery machine is limited, a smaller embroidery machine will be purchased via the project that is indispensable for the work.

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