The development of network of adult education actors in the southern of Moldova

One of the problems in town Cahul and in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova is reduced promotion of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning as an opportunity to solve various social problems: access to the labor market and reducing unemployment, retraining and professional reorientation, overcoming crisis situations, personal development, solidarity and increasing civic activism etc. As long as the need for Adult Education is not acknowledged by policy makers in the region and raised on local and national public agenda, it is hard to develop real opportunities to increase the range of educational services for adults in cooperation with public authorities.

The initiatives organized in the area are sparse and unsystematic. Too few civic organizations and service providers for adults have increased capacity to provide adult education services, thereby the impact of activities is and effects of activities for improvement of lives of disadvantaged groups are less noticeable. In order to propose examples of good practice in adult education to Moldovan society it is necessary to support those stakeholders who succeed in priovision of adult education activities.

The team of the project "The development of network of adult education actors in the southern of Moldova" will organize workshops, capacity building trainings, meetings. Within the activities, there will be identified areas and training needs of the region, the experience of Cham (Germany) will be promoted; important actors will be sensitized, ideas and proposals will be collected. All these will contribute to the stimulation of adult education in the southern region as a prerequisite for regional and community development.

One of the main targets of the project are NGOs and institutions that work with adults that can become prospect rural Centers for Adult Education. These structures, organizations and institutions will receive capacity building trainings for becoming local models. Their expertise will be promoted and multiplied in the region and in the country.


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