Contributions to the professionalization of adult educators

Non-formal education as an opportunity for personal and professional development of the population is insufficiently harnessed in the context of Moldova, which harms the quality of human resources and the capacity of efficient employability in a changing society.

Although at present in Moldova there are several institutions involved in adult education, there is a shortage of adult education service providers at local and regional level, including practitioners in the domain. This is also recognized by the state, which is found in governmental programs (ex. Strategy of Education 2020). The specific Objective 1.5. aims at "Expanding and diversifying the system of lifelong learning, so that by 2020, 10% of adult population (25-64 years) participate in programs" through a set of priority actions, including development of the regulatory framework for adult education aligned to the European context; developing mechanisms for financing of the educational system for adults; facilitatation of the development of LLL training programs, giving priority to the development of the key skills: digital, business, linguistic, intercultural and other new skills required by the labour market.

The Educational Center PRO Didactica and DVV International Moldova initiated the project "Contributions to the professionalization of adult educators" which aims to increase of capacity and broaden community of trainers who train or intend to pursue activities in the field of non-formal adult education in Moldova.

Addressing the issue of non-formal education can be achieved by various means, including training of local trainers, support for material development, strengthening of local and national trainer community. As the target group there will be people interested to develop themselves as local trainers in adult education sphere, adult education service providers delegated by NGOs in the south and north, mainly Cahul, Riscani / Balti, experienced trainers (Trainers of Trainers), developers of teaching materials and methodology in AE, members of Trainers Club from within the Educational Center Pro Didactica.


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