Creating opportunities for adult education - a prerequisite for the development of local community

Active citizenship is a prerequisite in a democratic society which should be supported by public institutions and other structures, including NGOs. Contributing to the increase of citizens participative culture awareness of local authorities and to competitiveness skills of citizens in the labour market is the two-tier aim of the project initiated by the NGO "Inteco" in partnership with DVV International Moldova in v. Colibasi, district Cahul.

The project will focus on developing and conducting training courses "Community development through social consensus” to 15 mayors, especially at the 1st mandate from Cahul district and "Horticulture for amateurs” for 15 people from district Cahul who are the beginners in the field of horticulture during the months of June to October 2016.

The number of working age adults, and those without a steady job is large and growing. However, the number of adults who go abroad every year increases. The cause of the above is the lack in the village, but also in the region of opportunities for adult education in domains that would enable them to acquire knowledge and skills in order to be competitive in the labour market or be able to do better other things to earn income from their own work.

Another problem is the extremely low awareness level of citizens, but also of mayors from Cahul district about the importance of civic participation in local development process, the reason being the lack of knowledge by citizens, but also by mayors (especially mayors of 1st mandate) of the legal framework governing public participation in community life, and community development.

After the implementation of the project there will be two models of adult education that will allow:

1)    amateur horticulturalists to implement new technologies in the process of production, cultivation of new varieties of agricultural plants, which will help produce competitive agricultural products and increase income sources;

2)    enabled mayors to mobilize citizens for civic participation in community development through social consensus.


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