The Learning Center „Inspiration”

The project is initiated and implemented by the NGO "Altair-Z" in cooperation with DVV International Moldova in mun. Balti. The project focuses on increasing employment opportunities of disadvantaged people and of their social relations through trainings which motivate these people to use their free time in securing their own sources of income and establish interpersonal relationships.

The limitation in the movement of persons with special needs, misunderstanding and ignoring of the elderly, limited possibilities of parents of large families to leave their children in the care of responsible people, poor access to information and educational opportunities based on needs for the unemployed - all these lead to the marginalization of disadvantaged groups to sources of education and as a result limiting access to the labour market and community integration.

The Learning Center "Inspiration" will provide opportunities to disadvantaged groups to broaden knowledge, skills and abilities to create their own businesses, find job possibilities according to individual capacity and improve social relations.

Within the project the following workshops will be accomplished:

-          Photography + editing;

-          Handicrafts (embroidery, crocheting);

-          Growing  flowers;

-          Basic computer knowledge;

-          Cutting, sewing, remodelling old things;

-          Hand-made work.


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