Entrepreneurial skills for drug addicted people

The Therapeutic Community is a unique place for recovering of drug and/or alcohol addiction, which is located in Beriozchi village, Anenii Noi district. Throughout the year 2017, 6 entrepreneurial training sessions were held in which 12 residents and volunteers of the Therapeutic Community were involved. In order to diversify and consolidate work therapy programs within the Therapeutic Community, a social business has been initiated, which consists in raising quails.

The social business was initiated in April 2017 by the NGO „Initiativa Pozitiva” on the basis of the business plan elaborated in 2016. The initiatives were supported by DVV International Moldova from the BMZ resources within the project "Non-formal education and mentoring for the effective reintegration of vulnerable population groups".

At present, there are around 1200 quails. Approximately 300 eggs are accumulated per day. The eggs are either sold or placed in the incubator. From the social business income, some appliances were purchased, including a food preparation machine, which has made considerable savings in bird breeding.

Entrepreneurship within the Therapeutic Community allows residents to gain knowledge and skills for income generation as a result of theoretical and practical learning - an important factor for survival outside the Therapeutic Community. Similarly, skills for negotiation, relationship, assuming responsibilities, innovation by exploring a new field of life are being developed.


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