Project “Consolidation of efforts for educational services providers in the sphere of formal and nonformal adult education towards formation of civil competence of Zaporizzia region residents”

Main goal: To contribute to the consolidation efforts of providers of educational services in formal and non-formal adult education in order to develop civic competencies of Zaporizhia region residents.

Target groups: adult learners and providers of educational services in formal and non-formal adult education in Zaporizhia region. The project is realized by Charitable union “Social Fund”.

The project will analyze the content of educational programs towards the cultural and educational needs of the population and the needs of employers in Zaporizhia region. The project will consolidate efforts among adults educational services providers; will create an information space for Zaporizhia region residents about the possibility for training and will develop the Concept of a region that qualifies as the basis for effective regional education policy (for example, Zaporizhia region).

In addition, the project will increase the level of andragogical competence of education services providers in the formal and non-formal education at Zaporizhia region and will increase the level of civic competence by providing educational services in the field of civic education to residents of Melitopol.


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