DVV International together with the Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities conducted a webinar on peace in Ukraine

DVV International and the Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities conducted a webinar on peace in Ukraine.

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On April 27 2022, a webinar on peace in Ukraine organized by DVV International and the Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities took place.

The meeting started with the welcoming speeches of the head of the Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities, Mayor Osan Kwak Sang-wook, President of the European Adult Education Association, and Deputy Director of DVV International Uwe Gartenschleger. Also, the Secretary-General of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and the President of the National Institute for Lifelong Learning Kang, Dae Joong delivered their speeches.

The participants from DVV International were represented by the Regional Coordinator of the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus Bettina Brand, the Regional Director for Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova Levan Kvatchadze, the Director of DVV International Ukraine Oleg Smirnov and Project Manager Mariia Mylohorodska. Ukrainian Learning Cities were represented by Natalia Ivanova, Head of the NGO Ukrainian Association of Learning Cities (Melitopol), Deputy Mayor of Melitopol Mykhailo Semikin, Head of the Nikopol Adult Education Center Olha Pastushok, Head of the Lifelong Learning Center Yuriy Petrushenko (Sumy), Director of the Department of City Strategic Development of Sumy Oksana Kubrak, Sumy City Council Deputy Andriy Baranov, Head of the Network of Centers Educatio Victoria Furgalo (Lviv), Poltava City Council Deputy Svitlana Nestulya and Director of the City Development Institute Tatarina Tetiana (Poltava).

During the main part of the webinar, participants had the opportunity to watch videos from the Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities (KALLC) and Ukrainian Learning Cities (DVV International's partner organizations in Ukraine) demonstrating their past and recent activities. Representatives of the Ukrainian Learning Cities talked about the current situation in Ukraine. In their turn, the DVV International staff delivered a presentation on the activities on the way to help Ukraine.

During the meeting, a discussion on the common actions and actions of each country for peace in Ukraine was held. The mayors of KALLC member cities, representatives of DVV International and participants from the Ukrainian Learning Cities joined the discussion. After the discussion, a donation ceremony to the Support Fund of Ukraine created by KALLC took place. The meeting ended with a flashmob "Peace in Ukraine".

DVV International would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Korean Association of Learning Cities for their support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian institutions for the development of adult education.


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