From Destruction to Creation. Ways of Reconciliation in the Ukrainian Society Project, 2015


From Destruction to Creation. Ways of Reconciliation in the Ukrainian Society Project financed by The Federal Foreign Office. The project was implemented by Integration and Development Center for Information and Research Non-Governmental Organization in partnership with the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International).


The initiative is based on the results and is a logical continuation of the “Mutual Future of the Ukrainian Society After Maidan. Facilitating Mutual Understanding and Cooperation in Conflict Prevention” Project and is aimed at the development of partnership and cooperation approach in local communities through the implementation of diverse cultural initiatives aimed at deconstructing stereotypes, building mutual respect, and  strengthening trust.


16 approaches to solving local community issues through cultural initiatives, here 16 mini-projects : 

  • Library as the Bridge of Cultural Integration of Internally Displaced Persons into Local Community, Parytet Zhytomyr Regional Youth Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Cultural Center: IDP Integration Into the Social Life of Kirovohrad Region, Turbota NGO.
  • Modern Dialog Theater as a Tool of Social Issues Solution, Poltatva branch of the Social Service of Ukraine.
  • Our Days in Focus, Southern Initiative Sustainable Development Club NGO, Mykolaiv.
  • The Cultural Marathon in Sumy Region, Intellect Sumshchyny Public Initiatives Center, a Sumy Regional Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Living  Anew.  Theater  as  an  Opportunity,  Dialog  Mykolaiv  Regional Non-Governmental Organization.
  • I Am Embarking on a New Path! Nove Storicchia Mykolaiv Regional Charity Fund.
  • Art Approaches to Dialogue, Zakhyst NGO, Kherson.
  • Can Action Sociocultural Project, OMC Plus NGO, Poltava.
  • Settlement of Conflict Situations in Youth Community. Hate Speech-Free Language, Center Youth Non-Governmental Association, Kirovohrad.
  • Historical and Cultural Heritage as the Guarantee of Unity, Cherkasy Office of the Care for the Elderly in Ukraine All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization.
  • Love for Homeland Equals Peace and Prosperity, Strategic Initiatives Center NGO, Khmelnytskyi.
  • Cultural  Space:  A  Place  for  Dialogue  and  Mutual  Understanding, Poltava, Regional Organization of the Writers' Union of Ukraine.
  • Building Tolerant Communities in the South of Kherson Region, Perspektyva Nova Kakhovka City Youth Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Unity in Diversity, Young Scientists Council NGO, Sumy.
  • From Hate Speech to Kindness Speech, Obyedineniye Kherson Regional Charity Fund.



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