Program "Learning city for creative economy 2.0"

Successful cities today cannot be imagined without modern creative and innovative businesses, a rich cultural life and a flexible learning system. Creative industries and the cultural sector are both a tool for attracting tourists and highly qualified professionals, and an effective way of urban development and solving social problems.

In the era of post-industrial economy, “learning communities” and creative industries are becoming one of the main sources of innovation. At the same time, well-established intersectoral relations allow the use of innovative ideas of creative entrepreneurs in other areas.

In 2017-2018 the Representative Office of the German Association of Peoples' Universities (DVV International) in the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with the Association for Continuing Education and Awareness, the Association for Business Education and the Social Intervention Educational Institute  is implementing a joint program “Learning City for a Creative Economy”, which is designed to facilitate the implementation of regional sustainable development strategies for 2016-2025.
We are pleased to announce a number of events focused on the creative economy and creative industries as a factor in sustainable socio-economic growth and urban development.

In the period September – December 2018, 3 large-scale events are planned in Minsk, the objectives of which are:

- acquaintance with the international context of the creative economy, popularization of the “learning city” concept and ideas of creative industries among representatives of local authorities, educational institutions, business and civil society;

- increasing the competence of educational institutions and small businesses interested in developing innovative products / services / strategies, as well as involving them in the implementation of regional strategies for sustainable development;

- strengthening intersectoral cooperation for the sustainable development of cities based on the ideas of a “learning city” and a “creative economy”.

Target groups:

- Representatives of creative industries, creative youth, activists;

- specialists in the field of formal and non-formal education of adults and young people (government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private training centers, etc.);

- entrepreneurs, small business representatives, incl. IT companies interested in developing a creative economy;

- representatives of local authorities;

Activity territory: Gomel, Vitebsk, Minsk

Implementation period: September 2018 - December 2018

More about our events:

1) Public discussion “Learning city for a creative economy” with the participation of Belarusian and foreign experts. Lecture and interactive block for sharing experiences and finding new partnerships.


  a) acquaintance with the international context of creative industries and European experience in developing strategies of creative economy for cities and regions;

 b) Identifying the important role of the creative sector in socio-economic development, promoting lifelong learning, urban development, and demonstrating best practices / success stories from Central and Eastern Europe;

 c) the creation of intersectoral dialogue and working teams to participate in the development of ideas / programs / projects;

The discussion platform is designed to unite sectors (local authorities, business, educational institutions) and representatives of creative industries: designers, architects, publishers, artists, musicians, art managers  - all in all, creative industries unite more than 10 industries.

Date - Novemer 14, 2018

The venue is Minsk.

2) Hackathon


      a) Development of creative startups: ideas / programs / projects at the intersection of culture, IT and education outside of limitations.

Dates - November 24-25, 2018

The venue is Minsk.

3) Training program “Your creative business”


   a) training business approaches of young initiatives from the regions of Belarus in the development of creative start-ups.

As a result of the training, about ⅔ of the participants will develop their own business plans - it is planned that the most promising of them will be able to qualify for financial support from the DVV International for the implementation of their ideas.

Dates - December 8-9, 2018

The venue is Minsk.

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