Educated person

The humanitarian organization "Christian Philanthropy" is a community organization based in Orhei town that in 2015 added a new dimension to its activity - launching the community-group "Educated person". The organization has implemented a short-term project that aims at raising awareness among adults in the community - both people of working age and seniors - about the fact that learning is a need for everyone at any age. The activity started with a broad meeting held in the public library in the city and continued with thematic sessions, conducted by a psychologist, who tried to demonstrate by practical examples human potential for change and evolution of human relationships. People of different ages, apparently having no professional or family connections created during several meetings a learning community, eager to participate in various activities.

Trainers of the organization ”Christian Philanthropy” have weekly responded to the needs of various target groups to find answer to relevant aspects - interpersonal relationships, raising children, receptivity to problems faced by peers and participation in community life, etc. The involvement of other community institutions such as the local gymnasium or the public library in in-kind support of the activity via hosting learning events was very valuable because it brought people from the locality into learning contexts and created prerequisites for later coagulation of the efforts of various community stakeholders in developing adult education units or institutions.

The vast majority of meetings had a strong moral and spiritual pillar, since Orhei, like other communities across the country face the problem of losing human values ​​under the burden of survival needs in an unfriendly economic transition. The breach between generations, family disintegration, emigration abroad for employment reasons, leaving children in the care of weakened elderly people, impoverishment  and lack of necessities among large segments of the population conjoined with impossibility to find a decent job worry the inhabitants of the community and weakens their interest in culture and personal development. The initiative of the organization "Christian Philanthropy" has attempted to convince people that education is a resource available to all, that adult education involves relatively low investment, but produces good outcomes.

Creating an open-group thematic page on Facebook has maintained the connection between learning-community members even after finalizing learning events and set up prerequisites for continuing the project in the following period of cooperation.


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