Learning city for creative economy

Since the adoption of regional sustainable development strategies for the period 2016-2025, the Republic of Belarus has made an important step towards the introduction of the principles of sustainable development at a regional level. The factors that ensure the successful implementation of these strategies include the alteration of existing educational practices and dissemination of ideas of lifelong learning. This can be achieved by the introduction of the concept of a "learning city / region", which implies:

- broadening intersectoral cooperation for educational purposes and involvement of local actors (educational institutions, enterprises, civil society organizations, cultural and social protection institutions) in defining educational priorities;

- focus on the needs of local residents, communities, organizations and territories, as well as the integration of education and training into all processes at a local level;

- ensuring synergies by sharing available resources.

To implement and promote the concept on the territory of Belarus, the program "Learning city for a creative economy" was developed. Its goal is to promote the implementation of regional sustainable development strategies for 2016-2025 through the development of intersectoral cooperation, as well as promotion of creative economy ideas and the "learning city" concept.

The program is meant to achieve the following objectives:

• popularization of the concept of "learning city" and ideas of creative economy among representatives of local authorities, educational institutions, business and civil society;

• Increasing the competences of educational institutions and small businesses interested in developing innovative products / services / strategies, as well as involving them in implementing regional strategies for sustainable development;

• Strengthening intersectoral cooperation for sustainable development of cities on the basis of the ideas of the "learning city" and "creative economy".

Target groups:

- Specialists in formal and non-formal adult education (state institutions, non-governmental organizations, private training centers);

- entrepreneurs, representatives of small businesses interested in developing creative economy;

- representatives of local authorities.

Territory of implementation: Gomel, Vitebsk, Minsk

Implementation period: May 2017 - December 2018

Key implementor: DVV International (Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association); on the territory of the Republic of Belarus – through the Representative Office of the German Adult Education Association in the Republic of Belarus.


- Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment;

- Association of Business Education;

- Enlightenment institution "Social Interventions".

The main components of the program are:

- 2 round tables in pilot regions (Vitebsk, Gomel),

- conference "Learning city for creative economy" (Minsk),

- 2 two-day trainings for representatives of educational / business organizations and NGOs on the topic "Learning city for creative economy",

- tnder for implementation of start-ups in the field of "creative economy" in 2 pilot cities (Vitebsk, Gomel),

- implementation of 4 start-ups in pilot regions (Vitebsk, Gomel),

- the final forum "Learning city for creative economy and sustainable development".

The activities planned in the program are based on three principles:

1. to familiarize all participants with the priorities and goals of the regional sustainable development strategies,

2. to introduce new ideas and approaches into the practice of local organizations,

3. to create intersectoral teams and working groups for participation in the project and joint development of ideas / programs / projects.

Thus, the program is intended to facilitate the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus for the period until 2030, one of the provisions of which is " transition to a high-tech economy based on knowledge and innovation".

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